Ed Sheeran on fame: ‘If you don’t enjoy it, stop doing it’


This story first appeared on Pressparty

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has revealed that the advice he would give to fellow celebrities is to enjoy the spotlight while they can.

Ed Sheeran enjoying fame in LA
Ed Sheeran enjoying fame in LA

During a brief red carpet interview at the 2014 GRAMMYs, which took place last night (January 26) in Los Angeles, the star confessed that people who become famous should enjoy it while it lasts:

“Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Don’t feel like you’re the victim. You’re in this job because you want to be in this job… Enjoy it. That’s what you do it for. If you don’t enjoy it, stop doing it.”

When asked is fame has altered anything in his own life, the ‘Lego House’ hitmaker admitted that it just means he can enjoy finer things more regularly as he won’t let it change him:

“It hasn’t really affected anything to do with friendship or family. It doesn’t really matter. It just means I can be more comfortable and eat steak now and then.”

Earlier this month, Sheeran confirmed that he plans to take a month off following the GRAMMYs because he has a busy year ahead and wants to revel in some downtime while the opportunity is there: “Taking a month off after the GRAMMYs. Cool s**t will begin after that.”


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